Special Flyer

I went to the local grocery store today and on the way back to my car after shopping, there was a flyer on my driver side door. I thought it was just another random flyer advertising or promoting about some company. To my surprise, it was a note that said:


I don’t think it was someone that was stalking me because all the other surrounding cars had one too. πŸ˜‰ But this note definitely help make my day. To whomever that took time out of his/her life to print, go around and leave these notes for everyone, THANK YOU. You are also VERY SPECIAL! πŸ™‚


San Diego Comic Con!!~

I’ve been wanting to go to San Diego Comic Con since 2007. Each year, the event becomes more popular that in recent years, it’s been difficult to purchase badges. It is a 4 days event held in the city of San Diego, CA that will be held on July 9 to 12 this year. Yesterday was the sale for the 2015 San Diego Comic Con badges! My brother, older sister, younger sister & her husband and I tried last year to get badges but had no such luck. This year, we tried again. About 20 minutes in the “waiting room” at the Comic Con site, I was one of the lucky ones and got in!! YAY πŸ˜€ Unfortunately, I can only purchase 3 badges and only got badges for my brother, older sister and I. My other sister and her husband weren’t lucky and will not be going. It really sucks they can’t attend with us! 😦 I’m hoping next year we get lucky again and all 5 of us will be able to attend. Badges were sold out in an hour this year. I think last year it was an hour and a half? Makes me worry how fast next year’s sale will be?

I’m just very happy that I am officially a SD Comic Con Badge holder now!!! πŸ™‚ Been dreaming of going to this con for the longest time and it’s finally almost here. Now I can scratch this off my bucket list. Due to our budget, we are only going for 1 day (Friday) to the event. Even though we’re only spending 1 day at the event, we already have plans on what to do with other days we’re in San Diego. We’re staying in the city for 4 days. San Diego is actually the city I was born in. I don’t live there no more (I live in Northern California since I was a year old). But it’s always good visiting my birth town especially when it’s for Comic Con! ….Comic Con, here I come!!! XD

First post are usually the most boring

Back in the days (early 2000s), one of my favorite hobbies was making websites andΒ  I had a personal website I made through Geocities.com (now Yahoo.com) of things I’m interested in. Making personal website was very popular back then since social media wasn’t a thing yet. I honestly don’t know what happen to that personal page because I haven’t been on it in forever. It’s probably gone now since Geocities doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not a pro at making websites. Like I said, it’s only a hobby, not something I do to make money off it. Lately, I’ve been in the mood of making a simple site again. It’s been over a decade since making a site and I’m too lazy to go re-learn MS Frontpage (I even took a college course on this software!) and decided WordPress seem like a good site. It’s free and easy to use. So here I am! πŸ™‚

This will just be a blog site where I will post and occasionally make comments of things I like and is interested in. I don’t expect people to be here reading what I have to say so if you’re of the few that are, thanks! Hehe πŸ˜‰ This is more of just a blog site that I’m making to satisfied myself. LOL…if that makes senses.