Avengers: F6

The Avengers has always been one of my favorite films (Captain America is my favorite Marvel character!) and with the second installment of Avengers: Age of Ultron being released this weekend, I went to watch it in the theater today. I saw it in 3D and am glad I did! Totally worth it with all the action scenes! There are also some funny parts and lines. Made me wonder if I was watching a comedy movie. LOL. Although I didn’t enjoy this film as much as part one, I still found it very entertaining.

A bit of spoiler here, but at point, the Avenger team had to go to Seoul, South Korea to fight the evil Ultron. Since I’ve been into Korean drama lately, it made me wonder if my F4 guys from Boys Over Flowers were the Avengers, how will they look like? So I did my best attempt on photoshopping them into some of the Avenger characters. Instead of F4, I made it into F6 to include my girls, Jan Di and Ga Eul. I’m totally digging my “poster”! 😀 Imagine this Avengers F6 team saving South Korea…or this world!?




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