Happy Birthday, Kim Bum!!! :)

In celebration of my favorite k-actor, Kim Bum’s 27th (Korean age) birthday on July 7th, here are some of my favorite GIFs of him! 😀 (I actually like every single GIF I’ve made of him, so it was difficult for me to pick them. hehe)



Saranghaeyo!! Keep smiling and continue surprising us with more awesome dramas (especially shirtless ones)!

hidden2d padam6londonshwinkmarry15bhighkick156mirrorBOF-whatever

I’ve also uploaded a fanfic I wrote of the SoEul couple (Yi Jung & Ga Eul from Boys Over Flowers) at fanfiction.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/6791109/ (It’s called, “The Unforgettable New Year”.)
So if you’re into reading fanfics, check mine out. 🙂 It’s actually my first fanfic online. I’ve written a few before this, but the stories are either too racy, writer’s block issue or I felt the story got boring. LOL. And since I’m someone who don’t like it when authors write a story but leave it hanging undone, I’d rather just not share mine. hehe

If you’re a fan of Bummie, check out the many GIFs I’ve made of him here: https://twixcff.wordpress.com/kim-bum-gifs/
Or my Bummie videos: https://twixcff.wordpress.com/videos/

(YES, I’m obsessed with this man. 😛 )


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